University of Southern California

Press releases and stories (internal circulation) published from 2012 to 2014 for the USC Annenebrg Office of Public Affairs and Special Events.

USC Annenberg hosts live screening of 2014 State of the Union (1/29/2014)

– Republished: USC News

Journalism Forum highlights role of public diplomacy in the lead-up to Sochi Winter Olympics (1/27/2014) 

– Republished: USC News

Professor Stacy Scholder to guide ATVN into new era of journalism (1/22/2014)

– Republished: USC News

USC Annenberg Agenda magazine released with new focus on ideas-centric content (1/9/2014)

Alhambra Source partners with local police to develop first Weibo (Chinese Twitter) to engage immigrant residents (12/17/2013)

– Republished: USC News

USC Center on Public Diplomacy promotes Persian artifact as public diplomacy tool (11/11/2013)

– Republished: USC News

USC Annenberg Dean to Serve as Fellow of National Academy of Public Administration (10/22/2013)

– Republished: USC News

Communication Professor Dmitri Williams on the record-breaking release of “Grand Theft Auto V” (9/20/2013)

– Republished: USC News

2013 Journalism Forum series opens with Google Glass (8/28/2013)

– Republished: USC News

Welcome, Class of 2017: USC Annenberg urges students to shape media and communication revolutions (8/23/2013)

– Republished: USC News

Students explore international, cultural diplomacy on Cuba trip (8/19/2013)

– Republished: USC News

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USC Annenberg faculty visit D.C. for 2013 AEJMC conference (8/7/2013)

Hernandez to offer augmented reality journalism course (7/19/2013)

– Republished: USC News

Summer journalism program offers high school students a complete newsroom experience (7/18/2013)

– Republished: USC News

Israeli Ambassador Michael B. Oren talks Iran, History of U.S.-Israel Relations at USC Annenberg (1/23/2013)

– Republished: USC News

Student media cover all angles of presidential debate; live screening draws 350 to USC Annenberg lobby (10/4/2012)

– Republished: USC News

Journey to Cuba reveals a hidden world of beauty, contradictions to USC students (9/4/2012)

– Republished: USC News

Bylines of blog posts for Inside Annenberg, the former digital platform to promote university and staff initiatives

Impact team takes home College Television Award (4/24/2014)

USC Annenberg-associated publications nominated for Webby Awards (4/10/2014)

Hollihan gives UCSD talk on press coverage of China/Japan (3/27/2014)

Seib: US needs to take a stance on press freedom (2/28/2014)

Dan Birman releases documentary on aviator Bob Hoover (2/18/2014)

Larry Gross quoted in NPR piece (2/14/2014)

Durbin speaks live on KTLA about Sochi Olympics (2/7/2014)

Daily Trojan covers forum with “Shark” Robert Herjavec (2/7/2014)

Gabriel Kahn speaks on popularity of long-form journalism (2/7/2014)

Kaplan quoted on departure of Leno from “Tonight Show” (2/3/2014)

Mediashift highlights Sasha Anawalt for innovative teaching strategy (1/15/2014)

Brabham on reshaping McDonald’s corporate PR (1/10/2014)

Grad student pens article for Marketplace (1/10/2014)

Burghardt Tenderich speaks on Snapchat security (1/9/2014)

Dmitri Williams featured by The New York Times (12/11/2013)

New York Times cites Smith study on gender representation in film (12/9/13)

Durbin on Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic triumphs (12/6/2013)

USC Annenberg to host 2014 global leadership conference (12/4/2013)

Durbin speaks on $5.2 billion NHL broadcasting deal (11/27/2013)

Alumna and former fellow highlighted for documentary work (11/22/2013)

Reeves quoted extensively in advance of JFK anniversary (11/21/2013)

Taplin pens Variety article on future of showbiz (10/17/2013)

Daily Trojan highlights millennial talk at USC Annenberg (9/18/2013)

Wallis Annenberg Hall halfway complete (9/13/2013)

Seib: Time to intervene in Syria (8/29/2013)

Local media highlight Google Glass Journalism Forum (8/29/2013)

Seib on launch of Al Jazeera America (8/20/2013)

Tolan piece featured in Al Jazeera America launch (8/19/2013)

Sheila Murphy uses narrative approach to promote cancer awareness (8/7/2013)

Celebration for Kun’s “Songs in the Key of L.A.” highlighted by L.A. Times (8/7/2013)

Diane Winston on Pope Francis, women in the church (8/6/2013)

Gabriel Kahn on sale of Washington Post (8/6/2013)

USC Annenberg well-represented at 2013 AEJMC conference (8/5/2013)

Hernandez to offer augmented reality journalism course (7/18/2013)

Inside Higher Ed highlights new USC Annenberg M.S. program (7/18/2013)

Alan Abrahamson speaks in Russian sports conference (7/17/2013)

Annenberg student highlighted for ESPN internship (7/16/2013)

Kaplan: Why United States should “Be Brazil” (7/12/2013)

USC Annenberg co-written paper wins cross-cultural design award (7/11/2013)

Manuel Castells on social media, protests in Brazil (7/8/2013)

USC Annenberg helps lead Los Angeles collaborative $2.25 million federal partnership to help the Northeast LA River communities (2/14/2013)

Jonathan Taplin quoted on evolution, public opinion of Super Bowl commercials (2/4/2013)

USC Annenberg faculty discuss Gabrielle Giffords’ role in the gun control debate (2/4/2013)

David Westphal quoted on the role of advertising in the transition from print-based to digital journalism (2/4/2013)

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab a finalist for Innovating Innovation Challenge (1/31/2013)

Tech manager Jim Yoder highlighted for work as magician (1/29/2013)

Daily Trojan highlights ClimatePalooza event (1/25/2013)

Israeli Ambassador Michael B. Oren talks Iran, history of US-Israel relations at USC Annenberg (1/24/2013)

Professor Hollihan speaks on the role of media in presidential campaigns (1/23/2013)

USC Annenberg team highlighted for bringing fresh produce to food banks (12/4/2012)

Professor Suro quoted on America’s declining birth rate (11/30/2012)

Professor Cull talks about the future of the UK in the European Union (11/29/2012)

Professor Lih talks online security in relation to Petraeus affair on KCET (11/16/2012)

Huffington Post features professor Smith’s study on women in media (11/15/2012)

Neal Gabler talks the importance of branding in the movie industry (11/13/2012)

Curbed LA Features Groundbreaking of Wallis Annenberg Hall (11/9/2012)

NPR Quotes Professor Tom Hollihan on Polling Place Etiquette (11/9/2012)

Professor Hollihan fact-checks California’s proposition advertisements (11/1/2012)

Filmmaker uses social documentation to report on education, life in South LA (10/24/2012)

Professor Muller to present article at Conference on the Rural West (10/12/2012)

Annenberg Innovation Lab uses Twitter to chart public sentiment on elections (10/5/2012)

Center on Public Diplomacy hosts discussion on 2012 Olympic Games (10/4/2012)

Student media cover all angles of presidential debate; live screening draws 350 to lobby (10/4/2012)

Journey to Cuba reveals a hidden world of beauty, contradictions to USC students (9/4/2012)

USC Annenberg athletes bring home Olympic medals (8/14/2012)