Media Education In The South Pacific: Problems Facing The Industry

– Published: Pacific Islands Report (8/15/2013)

– Republished: Samoa Observer (8/17/2013)

Faces of the Street

– Winner of 2013 Hearst Journalism Award for Multimedia News

Red, white and renewed: A homeless veteran gets a second chance

– Published: Watt Way (5/4/2014)

L.A. County adopts comprehensive homeless service plan for families 

– Published: Watt Way (2/24/2014)

South Los Angeles fights to bring absent students back to class

– Published: Watt Way (1/30/2014)

Homeless youth have options on the Westside

– Published: Santa Monica Daily Press (5/28/2012)

Starving for hope in Los Angeles County 

  • Self-published (12/6/2013)

Tourism: Cuba’s newest agent of socioeconomic divide

  • Self-published (6/5/2012)

Blood on the Tracks: An Analysis of Suicide-by-Rail in South Los Angeles

  • Self-published (12/13/2013)