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An open letter to the man in the mirror

“Hey now —

An open letter addressed to you. Sorry for treating you wrong all this time; I didn’t think the words would ever slice open those old wounds, or that the booze would infect more than it cleansed. Time heals until it decides to stab again, and it feels like we’re bleeding out at the base of that cycle.

Sorry for the hope that things would be different if you changed. You did what you could, and I’m proud of you for it. There’s a nice foundation still being poured — can’t wait to see what you build from it.

Sorry for continuing to push after no progress was made, and for putting that blame on you. I don’t want you to live with guilt, but I know it’s hard to shake. Take your time and live your life. Don’t worry about what comes next — if you need me just come back here.”


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