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Impact team takes home College Television Award (4/24/2014)

USC Annenberg-associated publications nominated for Webby Awards (4/10/2014)

Hollihan gives UCSD talk on press coverage of China/Japan (3/27/2014)

Seib: US needs to take a stance on press freedom (2/28/2014)

Dan Birman releases documentary on aviator Bob Hoover (2/18/2014)

Larry Gross quoted in NPR piece (2/14/2014)

Durbin speaks live on KTLA about Sochi Olympics (2/7/2014)

Daily Trojan covers forum with “Shark” Robert Herjavec (2/7/2014)

Gabriel Kahn speaks on popularity of long-form journalism (2/7/2014)

Kaplan quoted on departure of Leno from “Tonight Show” (2/3/2014)

Mediashift highlights Sasha Anawalt for innovative teaching strategy (1/15/2014)

Brabham on reshaping McDonald’s corporate PR (1/10/2014)

Grad student pens article for Marketplace (1/10/2014)

Burghardt Tenderich speaks on Snapchat security (1/9/2014)

Dmitri Williams featured by The New York Times (12/11/2013)

New York Times cites Smith study on gender representation in film (12/9/13)

Durbin on Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic triumphs (12/6/2013)

USC Annenberg to host 2014 global leadership conference (12/4/2013)

Durbin speaks on $5.2 billion NHL broadcasting deal (11/27/2013)

Alumna and former fellow highlighted for documentary work (11/22/2013)

Reeves quoted extensively in advance of JFK anniversary (11/21/2013)

Taplin pens Variety article on future of showbiz (10/17/2013)

Daily Trojan highlights millennial talk at USC Annenberg (9/18/2013)

Wallis Annenberg Hall halfway complete (9/13/2013)

Seib: Time to intervene in Syria (8/29/2013)

Local media highlight Google Glass Journalism Forum (8/29/2013)

Seib on launch of Al Jazeera America (8/20/2013)

Tolan piece featured in Al Jazeera America launch (8/19/2013)

Sheila Murphy uses narrative approach to promote cancer awareness (8/7/2013)

Celebration for Kun’s “Songs in the Key of L.A.” highlighted by L.A. Times (8/7/2013)

Diane Winston on Pope Francis, women in the church (8/6/2013)

Gabriel Kahn on sale of Washington Post (8/6/2013)

USC Annenberg well-represented at 2013 AEJMC conference (8/5/2013)

Hernandez to offer augmented reality journalism course (7/18/2013)

Inside Higher Ed highlights new USC Annenberg M.S. program (7/18/2013)

Alan Abrahamson speaks in Russian sports conference (7/17/2013)

Annenberg student highlighted for ESPN internship (7/16/2013)

Kaplan: Why United States should “Be Brazil” (7/12/2013)

USC Annenberg co-written paper wins cross-cultural design award (7/11/2013)

Manuel Castells on social media, protests in Brazil (7/8/2013)

USC Annenberg helps lead Los Angeles collaborative $2.25 million federal partnership to help the Northeast LA River communities (2/14/2013)

Jonathan Taplin quoted on evolution, public opinion of Super Bowl commercials (2/4/2013)

USC Annenberg faculty discuss Gabrielle Giffords’ role in the gun control debate (2/4/2013)

David Westphal quoted on the role of advertising in the transition from print-based to digital journalism (2/4/2013)

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab a finalist for Innovating Innovation Challenge (1/31/2013)

Tech manager Jim Yoder highlighted for work as magician (1/29/2013)

Daily Trojan highlights ClimatePalooza event (1/25/2013)

Israeli Ambassador Michael B. Oren talks Iran, history of US-Israel relations at USC Annenberg (1/24/2013)

Professor Hollihan speaks on the role of media in presidential campaigns (1/23/2013)

USC Annenberg team highlighted for bringing fresh produce to food banks (12/4/2012)

Professor Suro quoted on America’s declining birth rate (11/30/2012)

Professor Cull talks about the future of the UK in the European Union (11/29/2012)

Professor Lih talks online security in relation to Petraeus affair on KCET (11/16/2012)

Huffington Post features professor Smith’s study on women in media (11/15/2012)

Neal Gabler talks the importance of branding in the movie industry (11/13/2012)

Curbed LA Features Groundbreaking of Wallis Annenberg Hall (11/9/2012)

NPR Quotes Professor Tom Hollihan on Polling Place Etiquette (11/9/2012)

Professor Hollihan fact-checks California’s proposition advertisements (11/1/2012)

Filmmaker uses social documentation to report on education, life in South LA (10/24/2012)

Professor Muller to present article at Conference on the Rural West (10/12/2012)

Annenberg Innovation Lab uses Twitter to chart public sentiment on elections (10/5/2012)

Center on Public Diplomacy hosts discussion on 2012 Olympic Games (10/4/2012)

Student media cover all angles of presidential debate; live screening draws 350 to lobby (10/4/2012)

Journey to Cuba reveals a hidden world of beauty, contradictions to USC students (9/4/2012)

USC Annenberg athletes bring home Olympic medals (8/14/2012)