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North Korea’s virtual attack on USA, with graphics made on Microsoft Paint

Dreams of a father (Creative Commons)
Dreams of a father (Creative Commons)

This is ridiculous. North Korea is like that annoying fat kid who antagonizes and bullies you in grade school because he has self esteem issues, but in reality you could really whoop his ass. You don’t though, just because you feel sorry for him and the people that have to live with him, listening to his whining.

What is the move here? How does Washington react to this one, a visual reenactment of a North Korean missile demolishing an American city? The video itself is almost comical, were it not for the burning American flag and crumbling buildings of what appears to be NYC. This crosses a line and requires an ACTUAL response from our government. Too bad they’re busy making guidelines on killing, then identifying terrorists.

Edit: As it would turn out, the simulation of a burning America featured in the NK video was stripped from none other than the popular Call of Duty game franchise. Check it out here.

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