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For GHS Students

Members of the Wildcat Family:

Welcome! This is an incredibly exciting time for you and your students, and I look forward to helping you navigate the first few months of English (Foundations and English I) in the high school setting.

This is my fifth year at Garinger High School, though I’m a native of the Charlotte region. Outside of the classroom, I work closely with district and state partners to promote public education in North Carolina; my mission is to give students the knowledge and skills they need to become educated, employable, and successful change-makers in our community.

Foundations of English I/English I will hone in on the fundamental skills needed to analyze rigorous texts, write persuasively and speak effectively. The courses are designed to give students a solid base of knowledge that will prepare them for success in the workforce and future courses. We will pull from a wide range of sources for class content, including traditional novels, short stories, newspaper articles, social media and popular culture.

As far as materials are concerned, I ask that every student comes prepared (by Friday, August 31st) with:

  • Two packs of black or blue pens — NO red or colored pens
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • One pack of tab dividers
  • One 2-inch binder (if possible)

One final note: Please do your best to ensure that your students are at school every single day. We have a large amount of content to cover in a short period of time, and the only way we can make sure our students are learning is by working with them in the classroom. Once students fall behind, it is very difficult to get them back to speed.

I look forward to working with you over the course of the semester! You should expect an introductory phone call from me within the next three weeks — but feel free to reach out at any time. All of our class information will be viewable online at If you ever need hard copies of documents or content in a different language, please let me know.

Greg Asciutto
English Department Head
Garinger High School
Cell: 704-322-7610

View the complete syllabus here: FOE1 Syllabus 2018

View all class assignments and plans here.