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Author: asciutto

Figueroa King

When I lived in L.A., whenever I was having a bad day or needed to clear my head, I’d run. I’d push open the shitty gate we had that didn’t really do much, take a left around the school and run up side streets parallel to Vermont Avenue, which was a pretty big street. I’d pass the ice cream trucks, caged roosters kept for cockfighting – smell the carne asada and weed that was coming from homes where people were playing dominoes in the garage. I’d cross under the bridge, the traffic and helicopters drowning out whatever I was listening…

Covering #NCED

A small, green ribbon, pinned to the shirt of NCAE President Mark Jewell as he addressed the thousands preparing to march toward the North Carolina General Assembly, dominated its red backdrop Wednesday morning in downtown Raleigh. Hours before organizers made final preparations to welcome statewide education advocates to the second NCAE Day of Action, a shooting Tuesday night at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte left two dead, four wounded, and a community shattered. To view more coverage: A cry becomes a howl: The rally through the eyes of a teacher-journalist Teachers descend on downtown Raleigh

The Work Ahead

Five years ago this time, I was in Los Angeles trying to figure out what my life was going to look like after I finished school. To that point, I had spent four years as a journalist covering urban poverty – homelessness, mental health – and was tired of the writing. I wanted to take a more active role in combatting these issues at their core, so I applied for a teaching job in the place I knew I could make the biggest impact – back home, here in North Carolina. I’m humbled, I’m grateful for the recognition – but…

How many more will we lose?

Tuesday morning, a 16-year-old student shot and killed another 16-year-old student before classes began at Butler High School. I followed the media reports via Twitter while planning for the day at Garinger High, 12 miles down the road from Butler. It’s hard to express the weight of dread that comes with that proximity. Of the 66 school shootings in the United States this year, the incident was the only one so close to home. You can try to suppress the fear, but when it envelops the hallways, the teacher’s lounge, the staff parking lot – you’re forced to confront it:…

Fall 2018 Exercise Routine

Workout: Adaptation of Fierce Five Intermediate Program Lower Day A: Squat (3×5) at Max Weight with three warmup intervals (1×5) every 40-50 pounds Back Extensions (3×8) at Max Weight with three warmup sets at 50-pound intervals Leg Curls (3×10) at Max Weight with two warmup sets at 20-pound intervals Leg Press (3×8) at Max Weight with three warmup intervals every plate added (90 pounds) Calf Raise (3×15) at Max Weight with two warmup sets Dumbbell curls (3×5) with warmup sets starting at 20 (3×10) and working to max weight Upper Day A Flat Bench (3×5) at Max Weight with four warmup intervals…

JCSU Upward Bound Ceremony – July 2018

What a night. You’re looking at a group of leaders who will be first-generation college students thanks to Johnson C. Smith University and its phenomenal UpwardBound program. True servant leaders and scholars, they’re off to visit Fordham University and Columbia University in the City of New York on Sunday. We are in awe of what you’ve accomplished in such little time, and are ready to see the changes you’re about to make in this world. #GCODE