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Author: asciutto

JCSU Upward Bound Ceremony – July 2018

What a night. You’re looking at a group of leaders who will be first-generation college students thanks to Johnson C. Smith University and its phenomenal UpwardBound program. True servant leaders and scholars, they’re off to visit Fordham University and Columbia University in the City of New York on Sunday. We are in awe of what you’ve accomplished in such little time, and are ready to see the changes you’re about to make in this world. #GCODE

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Working the HERC

When I started volunteering in the Housing and Employment Resource Center (HERC) at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte two years ago to help men build resumes, apply for housing and search for employment. I saw the experience as a way to familiarize myself with the needs of Charlotte’s homeless community. I was in my first year of teaching at Garinger High, where roughly 5% of the student population is homeless. Through the shelter’s guests, I thought I’d be able to learn about the city’s complex social service system so I could be a better resource for my students and their families. Read the…

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Economic Development Proposals

Promise Zone Application HUD Poverty Zone Mapper (HUD) Round 2 Application Guide (USDA) Round 3 Application Guide (USDA) Slate-Z (Promise Zone South L.A.) Eastland Area Strategies Team Overview of Parcel Sale to CMS (March 2016) CMS $650,000 Sale (April 2016) City Council Implementation Proposal (June 2016) Men’s Shelter of Charlotte  North-end developers attempt to push out U.M./M.S. (April 2016) Mecklenburg County CDBG 2015-2020 Entitlement Plan Campaign to renovate Men’s Shelter (2016)

Más Economic Development Proposals